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In The Red with David Jette and Josh Androsky

Jul 19, 2020

EXCUSE ME, IS FACEBOOK IS TRYING BECOME THE WORLD'S RESERVE CURRENCY? it kinda seems like it??? join us as we explore their new "cryptocurrency" LIBRA, and invite them to zucc our kiss!!!!!!


Raúl's Black Paper on Libra

Nathan Tankus's article summarizing it

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Jul 2, 2020

we're BACK! we took off a week because we CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT. it's just a classic dave & josh ep this week.

we talk:

what music do politicians listen to?

unemployment, and the "complexity fetishization" of the congressional democrats

real victories in the defund the police movement

ok we love you bye!!!!!

Jun 17, 2020

we're joined by economic researcher and organizer JASSON PEREZ to talk about his experience getting his head bashed in by a cop who looks like mike mccarthy, ways white leftists can show real solidarity with the movement for black lives, and a small tour through the university of chicago econ department's response to...

Jun 10, 2020

this week we're joined by one of the dudes who knows the most about how LA government works, and therefore what the hell is happening to our city's handling of the cops, LA PODCAST'S own SCOTT FRAZIER!


check out some of his work

Jun 1, 2020

we talk to our pal and people's city council organizer ALBERT CORADO about what actually happened on the ground on saturday, his own senselessly tragic connection to LAPD violence, and where we might go from here.

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