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In The Red with David Jette and Josh Androsky

Apr 1, 2020

We welcome our first guest to the show, HuffPo senior reporter, and maybe the only person who wrote an appropriate article about the horrible bailout bill in a mainstream publication, the one and only Zach Carter!

We talk about how the Democrats screwed us, and also his new book The Price of Peace, Money, Democracy, and The Life Of John Maynard Keynes (heads up: NOT the guy from Tool)

Keynes was one of the key financial architects of The New Deal AND The NHS-- seems like a pretty good resumé if ya ask me!

He's always had a lot to teach us about how countries can and should respond to massive downturns, but his name seems to only come up in SeRiOuS eCoNoMiC CiRcLeS when free-market capitalism inevitably breaks. 

WELL THE SHIT IS BROKEN NOW BABY so let's talk about him!

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